Halloween may be just a few weeks away but there is one creep crawler to look out for now around your house!

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Scientists and biologists are warning of a caterpillar that, if you contact is made, can cause you to have a fever or other sickness!

According to reports

2020 sure has brought us some weird and disturbing things. Remember the murder hornets?? Just when you thought COVID-19 was enough to make you want to stay inside forever , a hairy and dangerous caterpillar lurks around the United States.

We are still trying to put together out Halloween costumes for the family. I have been informed by my wife that we are going as a group and some sort of theme. It can be any number of things. We watch a bunch of Power Rangers and Paw Patrol and Toy Story. I was just getting used to the matching Christmas pajamas! These are things you don't learn in dad school!

While we wait for the October 31st to arrive and find out what costume we pick, we will be on hair caterpillar watch.

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