The Buffalo Bills are now 6-3 after their unbelievable loss to the Minnesota Vikings, 33-30.

The game was shown to most of the country on CBS in the 1 pm slot and many have deemed it the best regular season game this season and maybe over the last several years.

The Bills blew a 17-point lead and the ending was like something out of a Hollywood movie. Both the Bills and Vikings seemingly had the game won multiple times in the final two minutes of regulation and overtime, but it was a Josh Allen interception inside the red zone that gave the Bills the loss.

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Buffalo is tied with the Miami Dolphins and New York Jets in record, but with the Dolphins and Jets having the edge in head-to-head wins, the Bills are third in the AFC East and sixth in the AFC seedings.

That shows how important each game is right now for the Bills and also shows just how jumbled the standings are, this late in the schedule (10 weeks in).

The Bills will play the Cleveland Browns at home in what could be a snow game at Highmark Stadium, before traveling to Detroit to play the Lions on Thanksgiving at Ford Field. Buffalo then plays the New England Patriots on Thursday Night Football before playing the Jets at home the following Sunday.

The next game would be against the Miami Dolphins at Highmark Stadium, but there's no set date or time for that game. It's supposed to be played on a Saturday on The NFL Network, but we don't yet have a time.

However, as Peter King of NBC Sports says in his Monday Morning Quarterback column, the Bills home game against the Dolphins could be moved to Sunday Night Football.

King says that there are five games designated by the NFL for the Saturday pool of games. Three games will be played on Saturday on The NFL Network; either 1 pm, 4:30 pm or 8:15 pm.

The other two get moved to Sunday on CBS and FOX.

The Sunday Night Football game that week is the Patriots at the Las Vegas Raiders and that looks to be a ratings nightmare for NBC and the NFL. As King puts it, even if the league would like a Dolphins-Bills game on their own network, with how good both teams' records should be, the league would want the best possible game for that Sunday night timeslot.

It makes perfect sense to move Dolphins-Bills to that Sunday night timeslot but if it doesn't, you can almost guarantee it plays in the Saturday night timeslot.

The last time the Bills hosted the Dolphins in a night game was 2012, but that was a Thursday Night Football game. You have to go back to the '90s the last time the Dolphins came here for a prime time game before that and the Bills haven't played a night game at Miami since the 2003 season.

Either way, that Dolphins-Bills game should be a prime time matchup.

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