The Bills lost a big game yesterday.  There were tons of fans in Miami representing Buffalo.  This is just a be better than this.

People get EMOTIONAL when it comes to sports.  Fans often forget what their part is in the game, and that is to be a spectator.

I was glad that what I saw after the game yesterday didn't involve videos of a bunch of Bills fans being complete and total idiots.  It's not to say that there weren't a bunch of Bills fans being complete and total idiots.  That was just what I got to see.  However, the one video I did see representing fans after the game in Miami wasn't a flattering one from a Dolphins fan.

This guy...

**WARNING:  Explicit Language in the clip below**


I'd imagine this guy is getting a lot of attention today.  It's too bad it's probably not the attention that he is hoping for.  It's pretty bad when even fans from other teams realize what a jerk you're being.  Dave Portnoy is a huge Patriots fan.  Even he can realize that you shouldn't act like this.


Now, I will say that I don't know this guy.  He might be a good dude.  I don't know.  But that's certainly not the impression he's giving off here.  And what did he do to act that cocky?  He's literally pushing other people as he walks through spewing profanity at Bills fans.  Because he sat in the stands and drank beer for a couple hours while his team played the best game of their careers (and probably all season)?  Why is he so tough?

Is this a reflection of all Dolphins fans?  Not at all.  There are plenty of good fans out there.  This guy...isn't one of them.  This isn't how you act when you win...and it's not how you should act when you lose.

Now, I write this because I know a lot of Bills fans have been here before.  I've been there.  I've been on both sides of this.  I've had too much to drink and probably gotten louder than I should.  I've gotten a little too involved in the game.

The Bills should win a lot this year.    They're a really good team. My hope is that Bills fans will act like Thurman Thomas after he would score a touchdown.  He believed in acting like you've been there before and you'll get there again.  Don't act like it's the first and last time your team will ever win a game.

It's easy to get emotional. Remember your role.  Be better than that guy...especially when the Bills win.


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