If you read that headline and at first got mad, then started cracking up laughing, trust me you're not alone. When I first heard about this all I could do was laugh and think HA-yeahhhh right! Well it just so happens that according to WIVB, a well known WNY public figure is fed up with rowdy Bill's fans and wants them to, in his words, "Knock it off".

Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz is the person behind this very serious request. Let's all take a second right now and reflect on what is being asked of us... It sounds to me like Poloncarz wants us to stop being the crazy, intense, Bills before anything, die hard fans we are, because the activity's the fans have been taking part in have been seen by thousands via Barstool Sports and Deadspin, and are making us look bad. Poloncarz stated:

 "What we want people to understand is, not only does this make the community look bad but you're putting yourself at risk,"

Now in his defense, I understand people have gotten hurt doing some rather questionable things, but come on,  it's Bill's Nation, enter at your own risk right? He's hoping fans calm down from the stunts being performed after the influx of injuries at tailgates. Poloncarz had this to say:

"In the last 18 months, there have been plenty of injuries related to fan activities near the stadium..We had one gentleman who set himself on fire, We had another person who was basically near-paralyzed from breaking their back, another person who snapped their leg."

To address this problem, Mark Poloncarz met with officials from the Bills to come up with ways to keep fans safe and help change the way the fans of Buffalo are perceived. According to WIVB, The Bills are working with Erie County and New York State on millions of dollars in upgrades to help improve fan safety. I don't know exactly what those safety features will entail but I'm curious to find out this season.

All I can say is stay safe, but  Bills fans will be Bills fans and nothing can change that! Go Bills!

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