It's a tradition like no other in professional sports -- NFL Sundays. From 1 pm all the way through 11 pm, there are games happening.

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But did you know that the 2020 season could be NFL Saturdays?

According to NFL writer Mike Freeman, he's been told by an NFL general manager that it's a foregone conclusion that games will be played on Saturdays this year if no college football takes place.

The Big Ten, PAC-12, Mountain West and MAC conferences have already canceled their 2020 fall college football season, with the potential of more conferences canceling this month.

Pro Football Talk also reports games would take place on Saturday if there are no college football games.

The league might look at a scenario where games are played in timeslots on Saturday, while some other games would be played on Sunday, like normal.

The entire schedule could flip to Saturday as well.

However, the league would need a one-year dispensation from the "broadcast antitrust exemption," which prevents the NFL from televising games on Friday and Saturday, from Labor Day through early December (when college and high school football takes place).

This could mean fans are treated to four days of NFL football a week (Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday).

Would you be fine with Bills games on Saturday, instead of Sunday?

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