Minutes after the news broke that Von Miller would be out for the season, Bills fans began doing what they do best...supporting their players' charity.

Bills fans are known for crazy tailgate parties, breaking tables, and being incredibly loyal to their team.  But they're also becoming well-known for being incredibly charitable.  In what turned out to be an historic moment for Bills fans, they banded together to make donations in the millions for Josh Allen after his grandmother passed away.  They pitched in to Dawson Knox's favorite charity, The PUNT Foundation after his brother passed.  When Tre'Davious White suffered a season-ending injury they gave to his charity.

So it should be no surprise that today when we found out that Von Miller would be out for the season with an ACL tear, they started to support his charity too.

The Bills Mafia Babes sent out the signal and Bills fans immediately began jumping in.

This person made a $40 donation, but it was pointed out that that is a lot of money for a bunch of people who are getting ready for Christmas.  Any donation is encouraged.

Von's charity is called Von's Vision Foundation and they help to provide low-income children with free eye exams + high-fashion prescription glasses.

Miller was brought to Buffalo with hopes that he might be the missing piece to get the Bills through the playoffs.  He's been called "the closer."  Unfortunately, because of the injury that he sustained in Detroit on Thanksgiving, he will be out for the remainder of the 2022 season.

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