Ever since June of 2021, one of the biggest stories in Western New York has been the new Bills stadium that is seemingly on the way.

Back in August, the AP reported that the Bills had proposed a $1.4 billion open-air stadium that would go directly across from Highmark Stadium in Orchard Park. Since then, the Bills, NFL, Erie County and New York State have been working on the negotiations and just how much of the cost would be taxpayer driven.

Reports a few weeks ago suggested that the deal would have to be done and announced before the NFL Owners Meetings next week and before the April 1st New York State Budget reveal.

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While there has not been a firm announcement on a deal being reached, a big step was taken on Friday.

According to various reports, including John Wawrow of the AP, the NFL Stadium and Finance Committee has approved the $200 million G4 loan towards a new stadium.

The proposal will be formally voted upon by league owners on Monday in Florida. After that, there's reason to believe a deal will be announced shortly after.

24 of the 32 owners must vote yes for it to be approved.

This would mean that the Pegulas are required to match the $200 million G4 spending, which would put a public price tag at least $400 million of the reported $1.4 billion, or just a shade under anyway.

The next seven days are now very important as we wait to see if a deal is reached in time for the state budget. Kathy Hochul could be making an announcement in the coming days. Sometime next week is what everyone is thinking.

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