Having an RV at a Buffalo Bills game is one of the smartest and most fun ways to tailgate. They arrive at the stadium at least a day before, and set up shop next to their fellow regular tailgaters. 

They spend the entire weekend at the stadium cooking out, playing games, and hanging out until game time. Afterwards, they sit around to either celebrate or grovel, turn on their TVs to watch the post game coverage, and chat with each other about what went right and what the team could have done better.

The next morning, they drive back to their destinations with little to no Orchard Park traffic to worry about, all to do it all over again soon after.

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Bills New Stadium Construction Disrupting RV Tailgating Plans

To the dismay of many season ticket holders and Bills game regulars, the beloved RV parking lot will be unavailable for use this upcoming season, thanks to construction of the new stadium.

Highmark Stadium recently announced,

“The Colton RV Camper Lot has been temporarily removed from the Highmark Stadium campus. Campers/RVs will be unable to park within any Buffalo Bills controlled parking lots. We look forward to the return of the new RV Camper Lot experience for the 2026 football season.”

Frankly, this stinks for a lot of diehard RV tailgaters. The folks who take their RVs to the games are some of the most dedicated Bills fans out there, and have built a community in that parking area. 

Here’s What The RV Tailgaters Are Doing Instead

With their dedicated parking area being temporarily unavailable, many Bills fans are opting to instead stay home and skip the party scene this year. Others are looking for private lots nearby, or a nearby house that will let them stay for the weekend.

Regardless, with the parking around the stadium being incredibly limited thanks to the new construction (not just in the RV lot), Bills fans who choose to drive will likely be in for a big headache these next few seasons.

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