The clock is officially ticking on the tenure of Highmark Stadium.

Since last June, the talk around Buffalo and Western New York has been in regards to a new stadium that could be built in the not-so-distant future.

Earlier this year, the Bills, Erie County and New York State lawmakers reached an agreement on a $1.4 billion, open-air stadium that would be built in Orchard Park; directly across from the current Highmark Stadium.

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While the Bills, county and state still have to go through the environmental and regulatory review in regards to the new stadium, it's a forgone conclusion that a new 62,000-seat stadium will be built in time for the 2026 regular season.

On Friday, site plans were released to the pubic, and while it's not a guarantee this will be what the new site for the stadium looks like, it gives everyone a good understanding of what the layout will be.

However, there is one aspect that will need to be addressed. Parking.

According to The Buffalo News, there could be limited parking availability for when the new Bills stadium opens in 2026.

That's because Erie County officials confirmed late last week that it'll take between six and eight months to tear down Highmark Stadium. The Bills will be playing at Highmark Stadium through the 2025 season and there's a good chance the new stadium Highmark Stadium (or what's left of it) are both occupying space.

The site that Highmark Stadium currently occupies will be used for parking, but realistically that won't happen in time for when the Bills first start using the new stadium.

That means less parking availability for when the new stadium opens to the public. There won't be enough time to tear down Highmark Stadium and get it cleared out in time to make parking spaces.

We will have to wait and see what the Bills, county and state decide to do for additional parking in 2026, but expect there to be fewer spots for the first few games or the entire first season of the new stadium.

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