The Buffalo Bills are about kick off the home slate this Sunday at Highmark Stadium.

The Las Vegas Raiders visit Orchard Park in week 2. It's a game the Bills have to have, if they have hopes of winning the AFC East. Kickoff is at 1 pm.

The Raiders have some injury concerns on offense, with star wide receiver Davante Adams limited at practice this week and wide receiver Jakobi Meyers in concussion protocol. The Bills will have to stop Adams and running back Josh Jacobs on defense, while stopping edge rusher Maxx Crosby on offense.

The first home game is always a blast. It's a family reunion for people and usually a party, no matter who they are playing.

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If you are going to the game this Sunday, it's very important to get there as early as possible.

Many Bills fans will be stuck in heavy traffic. Yes, there always is traffic for game days (especially the first 1 pm game), but it should be much worse this Sunday.

That's because construction is already underway for the new stadium on Abbott Road. There's a large hole in the ground in that lot, which is across the street from Highmark Stadium. The RV lot is gone and there are many parking spaces gone because of the construction.

That means less places to park and more people should be scrambling on Sunday morning. 1 pm games have worse traffic than 4:25 pm and night games; that's due to the fact that everyone gets there at the same time, vs. a late day start which has a slow and steady stream of fans driving to the stadium.

The worst traffic I have ever seen was the 2021 opener against the Steelers. That was the first game back after the 2020 pandemic restrictions. I was in traffic for just over an hour. in Orchard Park. That wait could be greater this Sunday.

Get there early -- 7-8 am early. If you wait until 10-11 am, it could be a disaster.

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