When you think about spring, you probably consider three things. 

One, you hope that Buffalo warms up enough this year that your last snowfall is long behind you. 

Two, you can picture all the pretty flowers in the Buffalo Botanical Gardens (and maybe even smell them too).

And three, you hear the sounds of birds chirping, especially in the morning.

While birds chirping is a trademark that signifies “Spring has officially sprung!” it can also be a sign of frequent stops at Delta Sonic in your future.

Yeah, the car washes may be relatively frequent in the spring season if you have a car color that your bird really likes, if you know what I mean.

Wait. Would it be because birds don’t like these car colors? Maybe that’s why they are drawn to go #2 on this color car?

Now I’m overthinking. Let’s get back to what I was saying.

My point is – birds are drawn to certain car colors more than others as a place to use if they have to go #2

I did a little research, and I definitely thought that black cars would be the ones most covered in bird poop, because it seemed like the darker cars in my neighborhood were the most speckled with marked territory.


A study conducted in the U.K. in the last ten years found that bright red cars attract more bird droppings than vehicles of any other color. 

Birds will poop on red cars approximately 18% of the time, according to the study

After red cars, birds will favor blue cars, then black, then white, then gray and silver – with green cars suffering the least at approximately 1% of the time. 

You may be inclined to leave a bird dropping (or two) on your car for a few days because of convenience purposes and finding time to go to a car wash, but this can actually damage your car in the long run. 

Within the same study, the U.K. organizer, Halfords, looked at car insurance industry figures, which found that bird droppings on vehicles can be an expensive problem for drivers.

Halfords estimated “the damage caused by bird-poop-stained paintwork costs motorists $57 million a year in unnecessary repairs.” 

These repairs can affect the value of your vehicle, and in a time when a lot of people lease their vehicle or try to sell their current vehicle as a prized used car, it can change how much money you will receive for your car. 

Obviously, you want to maximize your profit on your vehicle, so here are a few tips to remember as birds start traveling more frequently through Western New York.

  1. Remove the bird droppings as soon as you can.
  2. A damp cloth can be used to gently lift the dropping from your vehicle (if you are not planning on taking it to a car wash).
  3. If the dropping has already dried and you are having trouble removing it, you can place a damp cloth over it for approximately ten minutes to make it easier to remove.
  4. Throw away the cloth or wipe that you used to remove the droppings immediately.

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