There is a BITCOIN “mining” site right here in the Buffalo area.

Even if you don’t own any bitcoin, I am sure you have had to hear about this by now. Bitcoin is a crypto digital currency and you probably know people are making money on it but it's daunting and intimidating. It is a whole new way that people are making money and it seems like a whole new world to a lot of us, doesn't it?

It has become such a big thing that one company has started 'mining' bitcoin here in North Tonawanda. Honestly, when you hear the words 'mining site' you probably think: what exactly does that mean? They actually need a ton of computers to do the 'mining' and computing of the bitcoin that will analyze buying and selling to make money.

A company from Canada called Digishost is using the site at 1070 Erie Ave in North Tonawanda. People that live in the area are not happy, though. A lot of residents around there say that there are so many noises that are obnoxious and distracting. What are they?

Digihost firm has set up trailers and other structures to house linked computers that actually do the digital miming process for bitcoin. The computers and their cooling fans apparently are the source of the annoying sound with testing underway at the plant which Digihost hopes to buy", according to WGRZ.


The police have gotten involved to check in on the noise, but unfortunately for residents, the mining site is within the legal decibel limit for the noise ordinance of North Tonawanda. How much is a bitcoin worth right now? As of the time of posting, the current market value as of 1 bitcoin is 41,992.40.

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