The spring is here and so are all the things that come with the arrival of the season. From allergies to lots and lots of rain, spring in New York State has it's challenges.

Perhaps you have seen the trees starting to bud and, what's more, your allergies are starting to flare up? There are some experts who are claiming that the spring of 2023 could be the worst yet for those who suffer from pollen related allergies.

There is one other sign of spring that is popping up. Black bears are starting to move from their winter slumber and make their way to residential backyards! There was a rather big bear that was spotted in the Western New York area this past weekend.

It is that time of the year that many people will need to be reminded to keep your garbage covered and keep bird feeders out of the backyard. The bears are hungry after they wake up and an easy food source is the perfect menu for them.

This MASSIVE black bear was spotted in Colden, New York and posted on the Colden Neighbors Facebook page.

Listener submitted photo
Listener submitted photo

If you plan to camp this year, New York State also reminds you NOT to feed the bears. Sure they are cute. However, when bears are fed too often, they can get a little more brave and if they become too much of a nuisance, there have been cases when they have been euthanized as a result. The best advice is to let them be bears and not encourage them or give them a reason to stick around.

The weather forecast is calling for more unsettled and wet weather this week following a very windy weekend across the Empire State.

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