Throughout the second season of ‘The Voice,’ Blake Shelton wondered why contestants from other teams needed exotic production behind performances of powerful or vulnerable songs. “What does (fill in the blank) have to do with (blank),” he asked on a number of occasions. So it was no surprise that when it was time for him to take the stage with the four remaining Team Blake members, it was all about the singing.

Shelton was flanked by RaeLynn, Jordis Unga, Jermaine Paul and Erin Williett as they sang ‘Heartache Tonight’ by the Eagles. For most of the song, the group remained seated on touring cases, until the last chorus when they walked to the front of the stage for the finish.

The country singer — who was faced with sending one of his four team members home on Monday’s episode — let his team shine. Unlike Christina Aguilera‘s performance with her team earlier in the night, Shelton didn’t do anything to draw attention to himself. This segment of the show was low-key in comparison, but it was perfect for the country crowd.

All four members of Team Blake performed individually on Monday night, with two of them delivering country songs. RaeLynn performed Jason Aldean’s ‘She’s Country,’ while Unga brought on a sweet version of Sara Evans’ ‘A Little Bit Stronger.’ In addition to letting someone go home tonight, Shelton will also find out which contestant American voters send home on Tuesday night.

Watch Team Blake Perform ‘Heartache Tonight’ on ‘The Voice’

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