Uggh, ....that's the sound made when one realizes that they have a load of spring cleaning to do.  For me, it's eliminating clutter!  Throwing needless "stuff" away!  Painting is also on my list of things to do (one room at least)...and it looks like I'm not alone when it comes to doing some spring painting.  The latest 2012 Spring Home Improvement Study shows that nearly .....70% of Americans will paint at least one room in the house.  This spring I am focusing on what should be a spare room, but we use it as a dressing room!  Right now the room is a boring plain white.  As the study read on, ..30% of the people polled want to paint the bedroom and bathroom.  That was my project last year.....bathroom blue and as weird as it sounds....bedroom red!  Lastly, nearly 45% of the people would like to make improvements to their front and backyards!


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