There are six of these country-themed items hidden around Western New York, and if you manage to find one of the six, it could score you some quality prizes (and more importantly, delicious).

You have probably seen at least one painted rock in your life that livened up the sidewalk when you were taking an afternoon stroll, and while those rocks are unique and special, these ones are country-themed and they could win you free pizza.

If you just thought to yourself, “How can a rock be…’country-themed’?” well I’m glad you asked!

Clay and Company on 106.5 WYRK dabbled in their painting abilities this week in honor of the CMA Awards, designing these rocks to reference some of your favorite country songs.

These rocks are by no means small, so they should stand out. However, when you find a rock, you have to document your findings in order to qualify for the win. 

What Do I Do When I Find One of the Rocks?

It’s very simple, actually.

  1. If you see a painted rock in Western New York, flip the rock over because it could be one of the WYRK rocks.
  2. The bottom of each rock confirms whether or not it is a WYRK rock. 
  3. If it is, you will see a message that says: 
    1. “Congratulations! You have just found one of Clay & Company’s hidden rocks. To redeem your free pizza, send a picture of your rock to the WYRK app, WYRK Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter!”
  4. Follow the directions on the back of the rock. Take a picture with the rock you found, and send it to WYRK as soon as possible. 
  5. If you are the first one to send a picture with that rock, you win the free pizza.

What Do The Rocks Look Like?

As stated above, these rocks are country-themed, meaning each rock references one of your favorite country songs and artists.

Watch below to see how the rocks look.

@djkadieI decided to paint ##cma themed rocks based on our favorite ##country nominees. ##painting

♬ Dissolve - Absofacto

While it is not required to do this, you can try to guess the song title on each of the rocks, watch the video below.   

@djkadieCan you guess that country ##song ? ##guessthatsong ##part2 ♬ Super Mario Sunshine - Delfino Plaza - Super Guitar Bros

Check your answers to see if you guessed them all correctly. 

Can You Guess The Country Song In These Paintings?

Keep your eyes peeled, and good luck searching for Clay & Company's hidden rocks! Here are the song titles for the country hit painted on each of the 6 rocks.

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