$20 Darien Lake Concert Tickets For Limited Time
Live music is BACK in Western New York and we could not be any more excited! Live Nation, the folks who put the concerts on at Darien Lake are offering a special ticket for a lot of shows there. Luke Bryan and Zac Brown are both scheduled to stop at Darien Lake this summer and there will be 20 dolla…
This Guy Makes Shania Twain + Keith Urban Pancakes
You know when you have to go into work or school for the first time in a new setting and they ask you to tell everyone one fun fact about yourself and you dread it.
You can NEVER think of anything.
Imagine having this talent. One guy is known for being the 'pancake' guy...
New Country Bar Coming To Western New York?
Is a new country line dancing bar coming back to Western New York? Are the good ol days are about to be back? What do you remember 8166 Main Street as? Howdy's? Infinity?
They're just rendering some pictures up, but according to future owner, Wyatt Michalak, on Facebook the paperwork has be…
Sounds Like Luke Combs Is Not Doing A Rap Album
(I'd love to first point out that I'm jealous af of Luke Combs' croc game--he wears crocs more than anyone I know).
Luke Combs posted a photo the other day with his yellow, barbed-wire crocs on and tagged rapper Post Malone in the tweet...

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