You know when you have to go into work or school for the first time in a new setting and they ask you to tell everyone one fun fact about yourself and you dread it.

You can NEVER think of anything.

Imagine having this talent. One guy is known for being the 'pancake' guy. He is an artist who can make a pancake into anything you want...even people AND they're unbelievable. He can do any of your requests: your family members for birthdays or graduations, celebrities or any kind of occasion.

What the guy does is uses colored batter and puts that down first just like a canvas and 'paints' the picture on the griddle and then ends it by putting batter all on top of it to make it one piece. A good flip and wal-ah!

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Keith Urban is up for a few CMT Music Awards including the big one Music Video of the Year for his song 'Polaroid', which is off of his brand new album called 'THE SOUND OF NOW PART 1'. The new project has a duet that's called 'One Too Many' with pop artist Pink that is shooting up the country music charts right now.

If you want to reach out and get a pancake done you can reach Flippin' Art Dude here.

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