When you think of snow or a blizzard you probably think of Buffalo or Western New York, but a recent blizzard warning was issued for a place that would be the last place most people think would get a ton of snow.

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The first Blizzard warning of 2021 was issued on Friday, but not for Western New York, or anywhere along the East Coast. It wasn't even issued for Montana or North Dakota where snow is always on the horizon.

The blizzard warning was issued for the Rockies in Colorado or the rolling hills of Idaho. The first blizzard warning of the Winter of 2021 was issued for Hawaii.

Yes...the land of the luau, sandy beaches, and amazing surfing is currently under a blizzard warning. To be honest, if you were like me, you had no idea that it even snowed in Hawaii. You think of Hawaii as a paradise. Hot weather, warm water, and sandy beaches are what most people think of Hawaii.

Of course, Hawaii is also known for volcanos and mountains and there is where the snow comes in. In the highest elevation of Hawaii, they are bracing for over 12 inches of snow.

The warning remains in effect from 6 pm Friday until 6 am Sunday as up to 12 inches or more of snow is expected on the island. The National Weather Service also warns residents to stay indoors as forecasters predict winds gusting over 100 mph.

So this weekend as you get ready for some Lake Effect snow and maybe some white-out conditions as we get ready for Monday Night Football, be grateful that you live in Western New York instead of Hawaii, for now at least.

Pics from The 2006 Buffalo October Snowstorm

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