It's a shame that so many people become victims of scammers, but the more we can spread the news and make everyone aware, the fewer people will fall for them.

I always say that scams seem so far fetched and hard to believe until you fall for one.  Unfortunately, in many cases, by the time some people find out that they're a scam, it's too late.

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection is warning people about a telephone scam that is going around lately.  In the scam, a person will receive a call with a pre-recorded message that says, "“a box of drugs and money being shipped has your name on it and has been intercepted.”   Then they will tell the person that they need to provide bank information, or personal information such as a social security number or birth date in order to keep themselves out of trouble.

They will also call and say that there is a warrant out for their arrest for something that happened at the border.  They will ask for bitcoin or other personal information in order to keep the person out of trouble.

Don't fall for it!

If you get a call like this, they're encouraging people not to give out any information.  The Department of Homeland Security and CBP does not solicit money over the phone, nor does it use Bitcoin other digital currency or gift cards.  If they're asking you to provide any of these things, it's probably a scam!  Do not give them anything.

You should make a note of the number and any other pertinent details about the call and immediately hang up, and then report the incident to your local police department and the Federal Trade Commission at

These scams seem like they are far fetched but they get more people to fall for them than you'd think.  Don't be that person.

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