The Niagara River isn't very wide.  It seems like it would be a pretty easy trip from Canada to the US.  But the U.S. Border Patrol doesn't suggest you come that way.

As a matter of fact, it's highly discouraged.

How wide is the Niagara River?

If you've ever driven down the 190 in Buffalo as it snakes along next to the Niagara River, you know that Canada feels like it's just a stone's throw away.  The only thing separating the US from our neighbors to the north is the mighty Niagara River.  But even that isn't very wide.  At its widest, it's only about 1220 meters or around 4,000 feet wide.

You cannot pass from Canada to the United States or vice versa on the Niagara River

It is illegal to pass into either country by crossing the Niagara River.  Even though it's not wide, you still have to pass through a port of entry and go through customs before being able to enter the United States or Canada.

There are a couple of reasons.  The first is that it's illegal.  But it's also very dangerous.  While it looks like a little river, the current is very strong.  Multiple people have died trying to swim across the river.

5 people were arrested after crossing this week

The United States Border Patrol has announced that they arrested 5 people last night (1/2/24).  Four of the people were caught crossing the Niagara River on a raft and then entering a vehicle with out-of-state plates on it.  When police pulled that vehicle over (for the second time that night) they arrested the 5 people in the vehicle and took them into custody.

If you see suspicious activity, police are asking you to call 911 or the Border Patrol at 800-331-0352.

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