Spring weather is on the horizon in Western New York! Sure, there is a bit of rain expected for the remainder of this week, but once it clears up, it will be perfect for an outdoor walk. Maybe you will even catch sight of a rainbow! 

Perhaps the most famous rainbow, and one sure place you can always find one in Western New York, is hiding in Niagara Falls. The way the sunlight hits the waterfall just right makes a rainbow in the Falls, if you are looking carefully.

Though that’s not the only thing “hiding” in Niagara Falls. 

“Does anyone know what this big boulder-looking thing might be?? I have never seen this before, but I think it might be ice?” one person wrote on Facebook. 

While the “boulder” did end up being confirmed to be ice, Western New Yorkers chimed in with some hilarious comments about other things that this “boulder” could potentially be.

What Is This Boulder In The Falls? Wrong Answers Only

After looking for confirmation as to whether or not this big boulder-looking thing in Niagara Falls was in fact ice, there were some other very wrong answers that were provided to suggest the « Boulder » may have been something else. See the top 30 hilarious responses below.

From that last picture, you can clearly tell it’s only ice, but I think I kind of like the idea of it being the “legendary sandworm” behind the Falls.

What did you think of when you saw the “boulder?” If you didn’t know it was ice, what would you think it looked like?

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