This is one of the coolest first-day-of-school traditions that this family has done for nearly 60 years. First grader, Brady Gose, wore a sweater that has been worn five other times for school picture days.

Brady's grandfather, father and two great uncles have worn the same sweater on their first day of school's as well.

The sweater was first worn by Brady’s great uncle in 1954. Brady already says he plans to keep the tradition alive when he has children and thinks that the idea is 'cool'.

Brady's dad, Chuck, talked about the first time he learned of the tradition:

Back in 1982, I learned that both my father and his two brothers all wore the same sweater for their first-grade picture. It’s just known as ‘the sweater,’ and when I went into first grade, that’s the first time I learned about it. When you are in first grade, that seems like a lifetime away, but then all of a sudden here we are."