Be honest.  How many days do you think you complain about how tired you are and that you just can't make it to the gym?  Sometimes it takes inspiration like this from a young boy who doesn't know the word 'quit' to make us realize what true determination is.

Matt W. is a student at Ohio's Colonial Hills Elementary School.  Matt has Spastic Cerebral Palsy and was given the option to sit out at their field day this year.  But he didn't.  Instead, he went on to run a race like all the other kids.  He may not have been as fast as they were, but his determination outshined all of them.

The part of this video that I like the most is at the end.  No one told the other kids to spontaneously go back out there and cheer him on.  They just did.  It was a random act of kindness that you often don't see from kids their age and it was very refreshing.  So often some of the videos that are on the internet can make you feel discouraged with today's youth.  This one does the opposite of that.