This is awesome and hilarious. When a high school in the UK told the male students that they couldn't wear shorts during the summer, they weren't too happy at all. They decided to protest the dress code in an unusual way -- by dressing up like the girls.

They donned the feminine attire just like the other girls at their high school.

'Girls can wear skirts, so I don’t see why we can’t wear shorts. It’s a reasonable protest,' said Tyrone Evelyn, 15. 'It’s just appropriate for the weather -- we don’t want to be hot and bothered.'

But the only people that were hot and bothered were the administration. The boys were found bringing the skirts in their school bags and changing outfits in the school bathroom and then screaming down the hallways, "We want to wear shorts!"

"When asked about the heated dispute, Whitchurch headmaster Huw Jones-Williams said the school would continue to enforce its dress code, but was evaluating how students coped with the summer heat, according to the Daily Mail."