Did You See The Shirt Josh Allen Was Wearing Yesterday? LOL
Stefon Diggs was on his insta story the other day when he snapped a picture of the shirt that has him 'featured' on it.
Where did this come from?
Whoever runs the Buffalo Bills accounts needs a raise--they have been so on point and entertaining and funny lately, and in case you didn't see on social me…
To Buy A Ticket?
What do you think about this one? Homecoming week is here, which means the big dance is coming up this weekend for most high schools in Western New York.
Some are saying that it just a precaution and some say it is crossing the line.
There are some high school requires girls to submit PHOTOS of …
Put Your Old Prom Dress to Good Use
It's only February but Prom season is right around the corner.  I think back to my prom and I have a lot of great memories, but the one thing I remember most is the cost.
Tickets, a tux, flowers, a limo, and other costs add up quickly.  W...
Country Proud: See Artists Wearing the American Flag
While a few country artists only wear the American flag on special occasions, others will pull out a patriotic jacket, tank top or guitar whenever the mood strikes them. Country music leads all genres in terms of patriotism, so it's not surprising to find many pictures of the biggest artists we…
The Top 5 Most Over-Covered Stories of Buffalo of 2015 [LIST]
After hearing these stories over and over again for months, our ears started to bleed. The topics that made the top of the list need to be put to rest and in some cases, they're not even over.
For instance, let's take the Lancaster Redskin mascot debate that basically divided the town in ha…

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