What do you think about this one? Homecoming week is here, which means the big dance is coming up this weekend for most high schools in Western New York.

Some are saying that it just a precaution and some say it is crossing the line.


There are some high school requires girls to submit PHOTOS of their dresses before they can buy tickets to the homecoming dance. They are forcing 'dress wearing' students to submit photos of their dresses they plan to wear to the homecoming dance in order to buy tickets.

The dress code aims to prevent female students from being kicked out of the dance for wearing a something it deems inappropriate. Female students must prove their dress is appropriate by sending pictures of the front and back of their dresses for every dance.

Once their dress is approved, they can then buy a Homecoming ticket.

The school’s dress code, which prohibits clothing deemed too revealing, is like many others nationwide, though some of those have been challenged in recent years by students and parents who consider them sexist and unfair because they focus mostly on girls’ attire.

“Tops that have spaghetti straps, are backless, and/or that cover only one shoulder,” and “blouses that do not cover the midriff” are all banned at the school, and skirts must “extend below the mid-thigh", according to KansasCity.com.

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