I don't get it?

Over the weekend, this picture was on Facebook of a teacher who was told by administration that her outfit was inappropriate to wear to work. Then she was just simply asked to never wear it again.

The post exploded with over 1,200 comments before it was disabled and many of the people were confused, thought many pointed out that the boots may have been inappropriate for the school.

One comment read:

The stereotype of those shoes has gotten me in trouble before, because people assumed that I was into athletics and tennis. I once wore them with a polo shirt and khakis and everyone started thinking I was a golfer. This is ridiculous that anyone thinks her shoes defines her outfit in a professional setting. They are healed shoes, not sandals, not open toe, not clown shoes, and she is teaching 4th grade. Not overly-hormonal high school boys.”

What do you say?

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