App Used By Teachers + Students No Longer Free On Verizon
'Remind' is an app a lot of teachers in Western New York use so that they can communicate to their students. It's a great tool, not to mention that you don't have to give out any phone numbers.
You will no longer be able to send free messages on the 'Remind' app starting…
New State Law Requires Vaccine for 7th, 12th Grade Students
As another school year kicks off, it's important that parents become aware of a new state law that has been implemented for 7th and 12th grade students.
According to WGRZ, students entering the grades seventh and twelfth grade attending public and charter schools, must receive a vaccin…
2016 WNY Top School Districts
Congratulations to all of the graduates this June!
Lets check if your kid's school district ranked in the top 15 best WNY school districts from Business First.
The annual list from Buffalo Business First uses a massive formula to determine the list including, the four previous years test and grad…
WNY School Budget Results
Last year, eight school districts, out of about 700 in New York State, failed their budget. This year two failed in WNY.

Akron Central - Passed
Albion Central - Passed
Alden Central - Passed
Alexander Central - Passed
Alfred - Almond Central - Passed
Allegany - Limestone Central - Passed
Amherst Central - …
Free iPads?
If the kids have good attendance, the city of Buffalo will give out iPads and $150 gift cards to the students and parents, if mayor Byron Brown has his way.
If the initiative passes in the budget, parents who send their kids to school and receive good attendance marks OR students who have shown great…
WNY High School Rankings
There is no doubt that when you get an education here in Western New York, you are getting one of the best educations not only in the state but in the entire county. New York has some of the best education programs in the country and Western New York adds to that value.

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