The other day, Val was telling us this hilarious story about a kid who brought his FISH to school! It was a local teacher that had this surprise happen all before 9 AM! I'm pretty sure it was a Beta fish that he put in a water bottle (he also was drinking out of the water bottle as well. Yes, with the fish in it). If you haven't seen the picture, you are going to laugh out loud -- Check it out here.

We posted it online and other teachers were sharing some of their stories and we couldn't help, but laugh.

You teachers should be given a gold medal.

1.) Not only do you have to go teach the youth of America day in and day out, but you have have to go in during a pandemic and that is not always an easy choice.

2.) You have to deal with things like this:

One teacher wrote:

One of my fifth graders had the brilliant idea of cleaning out a glue stick, melting an air head in the microwave, and putting it in the cleaned-out glue stick. He licks it during class so it looks like he is eating glue. Literally the next day 7 more kids did the same thing. By the end of the week over half of my class looked like they were licking/eating glue sticks! It has shocked a couple of teachers who have walked by, but I just roll my eyes at this point...", it said on the Reddit post.

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