Teacher Got Fired For Doing This + It Ticks Me Off
This is the problem with America.
We can expect results that require no effort because things are handed to us. This is going to sound crazy to you.
A teacher was fired when she said she was giving out 0's when students did hand in their assignments...
Teacher Slaps Kids
Oh boy..
We've certainly see our share of controversial classroom topics, but this one is certainly completely inappropriate by the teacher
A high school teacher in east Texas was arrested Friday after video allegedly showed her slapping a student...
Will You Opt Out?
Starting Tuesday morning, standardized tests will begin in New York state and after last year's record breaking numbers we can't help but wonder, 'Will they get worse'?
Around 200,000 students opted out last year, and that number is only likely to grow...
What The Heck?
Does anyone else's head hurt after this?
The common core math method has been at the center of quite some debate in the past couple years and this woman, wanted to share what she learned with the rest of the world. I'm glad I'm not in elementary school now, that's for sure...
Best Answer Ever
I think he answered this question fairly, don't you? Really, he answered the question the exact way it was asked, but we're sure it is not exactly what the teacher had in mind.
In a world where Common Core math problems seem to be the most hated, scholastic debate of all time, this kid is j…
Why'd She Do That?
Now, usually you would side with a teacher who has asked a student to stop doing something repeatedly, but there's some parents that want the administration to look into this particular teacher.
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