This past Monday, a new policy was supposed to start for those who have not paid their school lunch bill. If you have no paid the district you have to enjoy peanut butter and jelly sandwiches until their parents pay off their school lunch debt.

As of now, the school is owed over $77,000 by parents throughout the district. In order to curb it, they are only allowing those who owe to eat PB&J--a meal much cheaper for the district.

After a lot of pushback, the district has not started the policy this week, but plans to soon. According to WGRZ:

A local restaurant owner wrote on Facebook that the district twice turned down a $4,000 donation for the lunch debt. The district responded in a statement saying it must treat all students equally and cannot single out which debts to reduce. The district recommended the donor take applications and decide who receives the money.


In a statement, the school committee chairwoman said Wednesday they're working with attorneys to ensure they can "accept donations in compliance with the law and that the donations are applied in an equitable manner."


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