We already knew this was true, but this just backs it up.

New York State has some of the best education systems in the entire United States, including right here in Western New York. These teachers in our community are dedicated to their job and it shows. After all, they spend so much time with our kids we should consider ourselves lucky that we have such great educators out there.

This year will really be a test, but we will get through it together.

In a recent study, a company called SmartAsset ranked the Buffalo-Niagara region 6th on their list of 'Best Places To Be A Teacher -- 2020 Edition;. They took into consideration housing costs, spending per student, teacher-to-student ratio, and one-year change in income.

Here is how the list shaped out.

1. Rochester
2. Syracuse
3. Washington-Arlington-Alexandria
4. Lancaster, PA
5. Dayton, OH
6. Buffalo Niagara Region

That is SIXTH in the entire country!! Again, proof that New York State, especially the Western New York area if full of great educators. Here is what Smartasset said about the Queen City and why it is such an ideal place for teachers to work:

The third New York State metro area in our top 10 is Buffalo-Cheektowaga-Niagara Falls. Teachers there can expect relatively small classrooms: The student-to-teacher ratio is 13.14, the fourth-best in the study. Buffalo also ranks fourth for average spending per student, at $20,385. While May 2020 unemployment numbers were relatively high there, prospects are still promising, as the metro area ranks within the top 25% of the study for teachers as a percentage of the workforce (at 1.84%) as well as for 2019 average income for teachers. At $71,923, it’s the second-highest salary figure in our top 10 and the 22nd-highest overall.

This upcoming school year is going to be a challenge, but we will work together to get the job done. We did our own little survey on social media to see what you think you will do with the kids this school year!

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