This has caused quite the debate whether or not Ms. Porter should have been let go.

But, Ms. Porter seems like a class act.

Kids, I want you to know that you are never too old to make a mistake, and I made a big one by playing a movie with my 10th-graders. I will forever be sorry for my error in judgment. I want you to know I love each of you and wish you only the best.

The note comes after Porter showed an R-rated movie, 'Dolan’s Cadillac', to her 10th grade English students -- it's based on a Stephen King short story. The class assignment was to compare the movie to an Edgar Allen Poe piece. But the profanity and violence that led to its rating had not been approved by school officials, which is what the school policy states must happen.

Some students were big fans of the 19-year veteran teacher. They took to Twitter and Facebook to express their disappointment. School officials said, "There were some students who wanted to show support for the teacher. I hate to classify it as a walkout. It was in between classes. The kids were hurting because they lost a teacher that they really respected, and the school acknowledged that." Other teachers and officials let them have their short-lived protest

But, the next problem that occurred is that some of the kids that had told school officials about Porter's movie showing are now getting harassed, according to some parents, so the school has taken action.

What do you think? Should Ms. Porter still be terminated?

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