The huge lake effect snowstorm, which is predicted to start this evening in Buffalo and Western New York is what's on everyone's mind right now.

A Winter Storm Warning goes into effect at 7 pm for Erie County and will not expire until Sunday afternoon.

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We've seen snowfall ranges anywhere from 2-4 feet and even as much as 5-6 feet in some models. All of that depends on the direction of the wind and how much that lake effect band hovers over the City of Buffalo.

As you may expect, many are flocking to local grocery stores to stock up on groceries, just in case they're homebound for a couple of days.

This was the McKinley rd. Wegmans on Wednesday evening and as you can see, the bread was completely picked over by customers bracing for the pending snowstorm.

Here's more evidence.

Obviously, we all need some food and other home supplies if we are stuck at our houses or apartments for multiple days, but hopefully nobody is buying 4-5-6 loaves of bread, since the demand is so unbelievably high at the moment.

As for the snowstorm itself, New York State has taken notice as well.

The I-90 Thruway from Rochester to the Pennsylvania line will close to all commercial traffic at 4 pm today. Please be aware of this if you have to leave work after 4 pm today, ahead of the storm. You'll have to find an alternate route.

Governor Kathy Hochul has also declared a state of emergency ahead of the storm and the City of Buffalo is at the ready with every plow, ready to combat the heavy snow.

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