The new rules at one popular Western New York golf course have caused quite a controversy. There were new rules that were posted on their website and sent out to leagues that are soon starting. There is going to be a mandated breathalyzer test that golfers must take if they want to get their mandatory corkage fee that every player must pay.

Buffalo Tournament Club on Genesee in Lancaster, New York has a brand new rule that has everyone divided. Last year the golf course started charging a corking fee, which caused some people to get mad. This year, the addition of the breathalyzer is being called 'excessive' and 'crazy' by some golfers.

  • EVERY single golfer will have to pay a corkage fee when they get there
  • It's 3 bucks for 9 holes, 5 bucks for 18 holes
  • If you purchase booze from the course, they will use your corkage fee toward the balance.
  • If you DO NOT drink at all, you can purchase a breathalyzer and if it comes back clean you will get back your corkage fee.
  • Breathalyzers can be purchased for $1 right at the golf course.

When you think about it, though, 3 bucks to drink your own beer is a whole heck of a lot less than buying beers at the bar. You have to admit though, even if you are for it, there are people who have probably NEVER used a breathalyzer in their life, and their first time will a golf course.

UPDATE: It looks like Buffalo Tournament Club has taken down the explanation of the new corkage fee from their website.

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