One guy hit a golf ball all the way across Niagara Falls--something that not a lot of professionals could even do.

Maurice Allen hit a golf ball all the way across Niagara Falls from Canada to the United States. The ball landed on Goat Island and now the New York State Parks Department wants to make sure that there is a way to commemorate the world record.

How many yards did the golf ball go?

It was a hit that took 380 yards across Niagara Falls. It took 4 attempts to do so, but it was something that pro golfer John Daly had attempted in the past and was not able to do so.

Who is Maurice Allen?

Maurice is one of the best long-drivers in golf in the United States. Now, that is different from being one of the best 'golfers' in the world. He can hit the ball super far and it is a totally different technique and power behind the ball. He has won the long drive world championship 6 times. He actually grew up around Orlando, Florida.

What is the New York State Parks Department going to do for Maurice?

They are going to put a bench in his honor in the exact spot where the golf ball landed on Goat Island. The ceremony will happen today at 10 AM in the morning. It will be a new tourist attraction in Western New York.

A Western New York native, Jeremy Nowak from Cheektowaga was one of the best long drive competitors in the United States.

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