I am literally in tears sitting here after I just heard the news.  I just saw it on facebook.  Kenny Nugent has passed away.  If you’ve ever crossed paths with him, you would know that he was one of the funniest, friendliest, most generous guys ever to walk the earth.

You may remember Ken from his days in many numerous bands over the years.  My memories of him are from his time as the sunglasses wearing badass looking bass player with West of the Mark.    I’ll never forget the night that we were sitting at the end of the bar at JT Wheatfield’s and he asked me if I’d ever be interested in singing with the band.  I told him I wasn’t really sure and he assured me that they would love it.  So I agreed and asked if I could do “T.R.O.U.B.L.E.” with them.  “Well…that’s kind of one of our specialty songs.  We really like to do that one ourselves.  But what the hell.  I’m sure you’ll kill it.  Let’s do it,” he responded.

It was one of the funnest things I’ve ever done.  I loved it.  It was because of Ken that I had that moment.

He was a very dedicated musician who believed in giving his friends the best possible show he could give them.  If they didn't sound great, they weren't going to start yet.  That's just the way it was.  And he wasn't afraid to stop a set in the middle to get it right either.  I respected that from him.  He gave you his best every time.

The band asked me to come up and MC Kenny’s final gig with West of the Mark when he decided he had to take some time off for his health.  I was incredibly honored and we had a blast.

I saw him a few more times after that at various shows and it was always like seeing family again.  We would do a shot and talk about just about anything.  I always enjoyed my time with him and he will be incredibly missed.

We lost another good one today.  I’ll miss seeing his face and wish his family the deepest condolences.  You know…people always say “He was a good guy.”  He will always be remembered that way.  I am glad that I was one of the people lucky enough to cross paths with him.


There is a benefit being held next weekend to help pay some of the medical bills.  It promises to be a GREAT time with lots of great bands partying for Ken.  Click here for details!

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