How much food did you try at the Erie County Fair?  Another year gone, and another 10 pounds gained.  Let's be honest, it only happens once a year so we like to take advantage of it when it's here.  So we deep fry everything and dip it in ranch dressing.

This year was no different.  I set out to try as much food as I possibly could in just one hour.  I ended up trying:

  • Deep fried macaroni & cheese
  • Deep fried mashed potatoes
  • Deep fried chicken wing dip
  • Deep fried ravioli
  • Buffalo chicken grilled cheese
  • Pig on a twig (Bacon on a stick)

This is how it went for me...


What was YOUR favorite thing to eat at the fair?

**I threw the bacon song in for you for free.  You're welcome.

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