Three years ago on May 13, 2008, I lost my best friend to suicide.  Nobody expected it (as you hear all the time) but it still happened.  Did you know there are sometimes warning signs that can help to prevent suicide?  If you just said no, then that's why I'm walking tomorrow.

It's a walk to help raise awareness for suicide prevention programs.  It's a walk for people like me and families like mine who are trying  to start healing after the fact.  It's the Out Of The Darkness Buffalo Walk.  I know that suicide is not something that a lot of people are comfortable talking about.  It's not easy to deal with either.  Trust me.  But you can help.

If you'd like to read my story about Tim, click here.

If you can find it in your heart to make a donation to support the American Foundation For Suicide Prevention you can help on our Donor Drive Page .

If you are considering suicide or think someone you love is, get help.  Start with AFSP or Crisis Services.  Find help.  It's out there.