I have followed football just about all my life.  I remember watching the Bills make it to the Superbowl 4 agonizing times in a row.  I saw wide right, I saw Ickey Woods do the Ickey Shuffle (look that one up if you’ve never seen it kids), I saw Kevin Dyson come up just a few feet short of the goal line against The Rams.  But my favorite memory of any Superbowl would probably be…when the Pittsburgh Steelers took on the Arizona Cardinals at Superbowl XLIII.

You see, I have been a Bills fan all of my life and that’s a hard enough thing to do on its own.  It’s only complicated when your brother isn’t.

My brother is a Pittsburgh Steelers fan.  He used to have a Superbowl party just about every year.  This particular year, his team was in it.  So he was super invested in it.

We always go back and forth about whose team is better (secretly, I know his is, but as a fan, I can’t give in) and just bust on each other throughout the season.  So you know that I had to do something right?  Well, what would be worse than having a Superbowl party and inviting your friends and family only to have your own blood come to your house wearing the other team’s colors?


So I set out to get an Arizona Cardinals jersey.  But I’m not really a fan.  I just want to get under his skin for a little while.  I wasn’t about to spend $100 or more for a jersey that I wasn’t really going to wear all that long.

Luckily my friend Scott played football at St. John Fisher.  Crazy enough, their mascot is the cardinals too!  And he is just about as evil as I am so he was all too happy to let me borrow it for the day.

Best.  Reaction.  Ever.  I wish you could have seen my brother's reaction as I walked up his driveway wearing it.  Oh man…I didn’t think he was going to let me in.  I know that if he would have been wearing a cowboys, giants, or redskins jersey I wouldn’t have let him in my house when they played the Bills.

So I took it easy on him.  I got what I wanted out of him.  The red angry face of a true fan was all I needed to see.  I don’t even think I was wearing it by the time they were singing the national anthem.  But it was worth it.  The Steelers went on to win that day in a close one.  But the game didn’t matter to me.  Enjoying that moment with my brother was better than any football game could ever be.

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