Kyle Brandt has been speaking with Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen all season on his podcast.  This weekend he unveiled a huge piece of info.

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It's not as cocky as it seems.  Look at it more as a goal.  It's like a vision board for him.

"Kyle Brandt's Basement" has been a huge blessing to Bills Mafia this year.  Somehow, he worked out a deal with Allen for a weekly interview.  So every single week, we get to learn something more about our QB1.  While other fan bases get to hear what their quarterback thought of the game, we've gotten an even deeper look at the guy that is leading our beloved Bills.  If you're a Bills fan, and you aren't watching these interviews, you are totally missing out.

We've learned what movies he loves, what he likes to do with his free time, and that his goal of bringing the Lombardi to Buffalo is what is driving him each and every day.

This week, we found out that not only does he have a special drink ready for the day that they win the big one, but he's even got a speech planned.

He's got a bottle of bourbon that he refuses to crack open, and he's already thought about the things that he's going to say to our beaten-down fan base when they can finally feel like that curse has been lifted.  When wide-right no longer matters.  When 13 seconds fades from people's memories, and 17 years seems like a blink of an eye.

Hearing that he wants this that much makes you feel like it's less a question of "if" the Bills ever win a Super Bowl and more of a question of "when."

As Kyle Brandt says, "We HAVE to win this weekend."  Let's go!

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