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There are certain things that have to take place for the summer to be official. Things that I have to do and places that I have to go. I guess you could consider this my bucket list for summer, only they're things that I have to do before the summer ends, not before I die...hopefully.


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Go Camping

I absolutely love ending my day around a campfire with a beer and some peanuts in a shell. It's simple as that. Give me those things and a couple of days without TV and I'm a happy guy.
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Go Fishing

It's been awhile since I've gotten my fishing license. However, unless I've gotten a chance to wet a line, it's just not summer. I'm not the best fisherman but like Billy Currington says, "A bad day of fishin' is better than a good day of anything else."
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Get Out On A Boat

As long as I don't have to drive it (and I never have...) then I can sit out in the sun and drink a beer on the water. Gotta do this.
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Hit The Beach

I'm not much of a "sunbather" given my Scottish pastey white skin because I turn lobster red pretty quickly. However, I love the beach. The waves, the sand, the ice cold drinks, I love it all.
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Go To A Buffalo Bison's Game

Ok...if you know me, this one might seem a little weird to you. You see, I'm not really a big baseball fan. As a matter of fact, I'm not a baseball fan at all. But some of my best summer memories came from being at Bison's games with people I love. I remember one game in particular that I went to with my dad when I was young that I had a great time at. Then this last summer I took my own son to a game and we had a blast. It's now on my list of things that I want to do each and every summer.

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