Big screen television. Check.

Snacks. Check.

Your favorite team gear. Check.

It's football season, and if you're getting ready to host parties to cheer on your team, there's one more important thing you don't want to forget: People are inevitably going to be in and out of your bathroom throughout the whole game.

Is your bathroom ready for it? I had a great experience with Bath Fitter, so I'd love to remind you that they can transform your bath with a custom shower or bath — all installed in just one day. In many cases, the customized high-gloss acrylic bath liner is designed to fit right over your existing tub or shower. It's a seamless piece, so you don't have to worry about maintaining or scrubbing grout lines.

The company has more than 35 years and over 2 million installations in its history — you can trust them to help you create a bath you love within your budget and schedule.

The Bath Fitter team finished my bathroom more than a year ago, and it's still the same bright white today that it was then. It looks brand new.

Getting started is as easy as clicking here to sign up for a consultation. Be sure to ask how you can get 20 percent off up to $1,000 or pay no interest until 2027!

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