Today, Buffalo Bills coordinator Brian Daboll had his second interview with the New York Giants and chances are at some point this off-season (It could have happened by the time you read this) Daboll will be a head coach in the NFL next season.

Daboll has been linked to several jobs, the aforementioned New York Giants, The Houston Texans, the Chicago Bears, and Miami Dolphins.

Daboll will bring lots of experience and winning ways to his new team. In his career, Daboll has won several Super Bowls with the New England Patriots and wealth of knowledge from his 20 years of coaching in the NFL, not to mention helping Alabama make it to the National Championship game in 2017.

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Daboll is known for his offensive mindset and play-calling and his ability to work with young quarterbacks. (See Josh Allen for an example). He has been the Bills offensive coordinator since 2018 and the Bills have gone 40-25 in the regular season while making the playoffs 3 out of 4 times.

Like many jobs, there are certain workers that bosses like working with and if Daboll does land a head coaching job, there are some Buffalo Bills players that could join him at his new team.

All these players are free agents at the end of the season and could make the move with Daboll for many reasons. Maybe the coach likes what they bring to the field, they might fit his scheme, or maybe he knows what they are all about and would love to have that kind of character in his locker room.

Here are 5 Buffalo Bills players that could follow Brian Daboll to his new team.

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