I never felt confident when the Buffalo Bills were being coached by Greg Williams, Mike Mularkey or Dick Jauron.  Williams came in with a lot of bravado and a questionable staff of assistant coaches, but was a miserable failure on game day.  Mularkey seemed to be in over his head from day one.  Jauron - great guy.  He'd make a great neighbor, but as a head  coach I just couldn't see him getting the Bills over the top.  By the way, nice to see he was able to hook up with Cleveland as the Browns defensive coordinator.

So that gets us to Chan Gailey.  Here's the first guy in a decade I actually feel can get it done.  In his first season he was able to put together a team that although was sorely void of talent, played tough in nearly every game they played.  Take a look at the AFC playoff teams this year - the Bills played five of the six during the season.  They should have beaten Pittsburgh save for a dropped pass in the end zone.  They took Kansas City and Baltimore to overtime - could have beaten, maybe even should have beaten both those teams.  They played the Jets and Patriots twice each.  And among the NFC playoff teams - the Bills played against Chicago and Green Bay - the two teams that ended up in the NFC championship game.   That's nine of the 16 games they played this season were against playoff teams.

The Bills were in over their heads against the Packers and the Jets and I say it was because they were just outmanned at nearly every position.  But in every game this year the Bills were prepared.  I can't remember one game this year where they were outcoached.  They were outplayed, but they weren't outcoached and that goes back to Gailey.  And now with the addition of Dave Wannstedt to the coaching staff the outlook gets brighter.  The Bills have a long way to go to improve their roster.  General Manager Buddy Nix has his work cut out for him, but I think the players they add to the roster are in good hands with Chan Gailey.

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