The Buffalo Sabres will open up the 2017-18 regular season tonight with a new coach, a new GM and so many new food options, they might need to roll people out after it's all over.

Some people are traditionalists.  They want their hotdogs, popcorn, peanuts and some hockey.  I get that.  You can still get all of those things this year.  But if you're looking to try something new, you'll certainly have that opportunity this year at Buffalo Sabres games at KeyBank Center.

The Buffalo News is reporting that there will be some very unique flavors for you to try including ice cream on a waffle cone that sits on a bed of cotton candy and is topped with pop rocks.  That should be enough to get the kids bouncing.

Then there's the panini of the day.  Maybe burgers and dogs don't sound good.  You want something a little healthier or maybe just different, look for the panini of the day.

There is a mac & cheese stand that includes macaroni and cheese with barbecue pulled pork or teriyaki meatballs and topped with crushed Doritos and or your favorite sauce.

There are tons of new items and you can find them all by clicking here.

It might be worth the price of the ticket just to try some of those new foods!

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