One of the absolute must stops in Buffalo at least once a year is the famous Broadway Market.  In all the years I've been going there it hasn't changed much.  I remember walking to the Broadway Market with my grandparents from their home on Fillmore Avenue and I always thought of it as an adventure.

So during our recent broadcast at the Broadway Market Liz and I went on a little adventure to the market's must-stops and we asked lots of questions.  One of the stops is Malczewski's Easter Stand, the home of the famous butter lamb.

Newcomers and visitors to the Buffalo area always give a quizzical look when you mention butter lambs.  It has nothing to do with greasing up a poor lamb.  It's actually whipped butter formed into the shape of a lamb.  It's an old Polish and eastern European Easter-time tradition symbolizing the sacrifice of the Lamb of God.

During this stop you'll learn about how long they've been in business, how long it takes to make them, how many they sell and where else you can buy them.




The Broadway Market Easter Hours
April 10-12  --  8:00am - 6:00pm
April 13-14  --  6:00am - 7:00pm
April 15       --  6:00am - 5:00pm
Dyngus Day -  Opens 8:00am - Click Here For Events Schedule 

The Broadway Market
999 Broadway
Buffalo, NY 14212

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