It's hard to believe that we're just 10 days from Thanksgiving.

Halloween is long gone and there is holiday stuff decorated at so many retailers already. Christmas music in the air and holiday foods at every display at grocery stores. We're almost to the official start of the holiday season.

Thanksgiving is a holiday to enjoy some great food with your family. Watch one of the many NFL games, which will include the Buffalo Bills this season, and just relax and not worry about much happening.

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The night before Thanksgiving, however, is also something many in Western New York look forward to.

Nicknamed "drinksgiving," it's a night that might be the busiest night of the year for bars in Western New York.

Family and friends fly in from out of town that day or the day before and enjoy some alcoholic beverages, food and just try and catch up with the people close to them.

Buffalo is one of the best cities in the country for this night. The Sabres always play a home game at KeyBank Center the night before Thanksgiving, which means Buffalo requests the date with the NHL.

There are plenty of bars to visit the night before Thanksgiving. Many of them are downtown, but there are plenty that are in the suburbs you should be visiting as well.

Here are the best bars to visit in Buffalo and Western New York for the night before Thanksgiving.

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