The Buffalo Bills have faced more adversity than any other team in the NFL this season.

The Bills have dealt with an array of key injuries, including losing starters Micah Hyde and Von Miller long-term; moving a game and losing a home game due to an unprecedented snowstorm in November, along with the fact they had to play three games in 12 days. They also got home a day later on Christmas due to the blizzard, which took the lives of over 40 people in Western New York.

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The Bills had to face more adversity this week, as they kept safety Damar Hamlin in their thoughts and prayers. Hamlin went into cardiac arrest after a tackle last Monday night, which ultimately canceled the remainder of the game between the Bills and Bengals.

Hamlin has made remarkable progress in his recovery, as he remains at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center.

The Bills played one less game than the Chiefs and did not get the fair chance at the 1 seed and the bye week, which they held their own destiny for. That's not nearly as important as Hamlin's health, which was the number one concern this week.

We knew the Bills were going to come out emotional and pumped for the first few minutes of the regular season finale over the New England Patriots. However, the Bills did get outplayed by the Patriots for a period in the second and third quarters but the Bills pulled away with the help of a second kick return touchdown by Nyheim Hines and the three total touchdown passes from Josh Allen, in a 35-23 victory.

The Bills were favored by almost 8 points and it was at home, but they did not get a full week to prepare. They already had a short week to prepare for this game and were rightfully consumed by Damar Hamlin's health for at least the first two days after the event happened.

The Patriots had a full week to prepare and even though the Bills are the better team, the fact Buffalo won by 12 after everything that has happened is truly impressive. They did play with a ton of emotion but sometimes that can work against a team.

Head coach Sean McDermott and his staff should also get a game ball for their work yesterday and the last six days.

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